Child Care WAGE$® FLORIDA Program

General Information

The Child Care WAGE$® FLORIDA Program rewards early childhood educators with financial incentives based on their education and continuity of employment.  By increasing teacher retention, WAGE$ provides children with more stable relationships and better-educated teachers. WAGE$ addresses individual professional development efforts and low wages, but does not affect budgets, regular wages or parent fees within the child care program.

Administered through the Children’s Forum, WAGE$ is funded by local Early Learning Coalitions and private contributors.

The Child Care WAGE$® FLORIDA Program is licensed by Child Care Services Association of Chapel Hill, NC. The Children’s Forum is the program administrator of WAGE$ under a contract with local early learning coalitions and private contributors. Through these partnerships, WAGE$ is enhancing professional development of early childhood educators in FLORIDA to ultimately improve the quality of care and education for the children in their classrooms.

To learn more about the WAGE$ program or to become a participant contact us at: 888-352-4453 or